About Youth Ocean Carnival

The Youth Ocean Carnival specifically focuses on gathering the energy, passion and innovation of GEN Z towards – a call to ocean action.

More About Youth Ocean Carnival

Youth Ocean Carnival is a conservation event that puts young people at the centre of action in this UN Decade of Action. Our vision is to inspire GEN Z to come together in a carnival atmosphere, celebrating their love of the ocean and being empowered to act for its protection.

This UN Decade of Action is an opportunity to engage with the ocean, its beauty, and its future, as well as to inspire the young people in our community as they use their voices to make a positive impact.

The event champions a collaborative approach to ocean conservation around the United Nations 30×30 Goals. The 30×30 Goals are to protect 30% of land and ocean by 2030.

The Youth Ocean Carnival is a CollaborOCEANS Global Goal Partnership with World Ocean Day, The Ocean Project, and The Good Human Factory. We bring together a collective of 6,000+ Networks and 2,000+ Events in 150 Countries with a world-wide audience of millions.

‘With its focus on Gen Z, the timing of Youth Ocean Carnival could not be better, as I believe young people around the world are ready for – indeed, need – this type of celebratory gathering, especially after the past two years, that recognizes the importance of the ocean in all our lives and also activates people for collective action’

– Bill Mott – Executive Director World Ocean Day | The Ocean Project

Olympic Diver

Sam Fricker

Sam has two passions:
Diving and Ocean conservation

World Ocean Day

30×30 Goals

School Workshops

A creative partnership between
Youth Ocean Carnival, World Ocean Day and The Good Human Factory

A boost of positivity!

The Youth Ocean Carnival specifically focuses on gathering the energy, passion and innovation of GENZ (10-25years).


GEN Z is the largest generation ever, with almost 2 billion globally.

As an influencer, Sam believes that this world-first Youth Ocean Carnival could not come at a better time to champion inspiration for ocean action projects and empower millions of GEN Z to become changemakers in protecting our natural world for generations to come.


World Ocean Day each year on the 8th of June provides a unique way to really focus on raising the profile of the ocean and marine issues that affect us all. World Ocean Day is led by a Youth Advisory Council and is a voice at the forefront of ocean action and conservation. CollaborOCEANS is proud to announce that our partnership coincides with the acceptance of our Youth Patron, Sam Fricker, onto the World Ocean Day, Youth Advisory Council 2022/2023.

Together, we felt we could build a partnership committed to Sam’s vision of hosting a world-first Youth Ocean Carnival on World Ocean Day. Sydney is a beautiful harbour city that lends itself not only to being a global Host-City, but also becoming an inspirational city in ocean conservation.

To help achieve the 30×30 Goal, CollaborOCEANS and World Ocean Day will collaborate on interactive experiences embedded into the Youth Ocean Carnival, World Ocean Day 2023. One Ocean. One Climate. One Future – Together!

To find out more visit the World Ocean Day website.


The Ocean Project is all about collaborative conservation. CollaborOCEANS is uniting with The Ocean Project as a Global Goal Partner in our endeavour to support Sam Fricker and his vision for a world-first Youth Ocean Carnival, World Ocean Day 2023 in Sydney, Australia.

This partnership has enormous potential, as other youth-focussed organisations around the world benefit from this joint venture through the 2,000+ Youth Network Organisations associated with The Ocean Project. The Ocean Project believes in the power of partnership to accelerate progress towards a healthy blue planet. We are proud to be aligned with them as we move forward towards the 30×30 Goals.

Since launching the global coordination of World Ocean Day in 2002, The Ocean Project has continuously built on this unique opportunity to raise the profile of the ocean, culminating in a United Nations-recognised event which began in 2009. It is now a global celebration of our shared ocean with more than 2,000 events in 150 countries.

To find out more visit the World Ocean Day website.


The Good Human Factory was established in 2020 by professional surfer, Cooper Chapman. Motivated by witnessing the toll of suicide on his sister’s circle of friends during her final year of high school, Chapman decided it was time to take action. As a result, The Good Human Factory came into existence.

The organisation strives to shift the public’s perspective on mental health through community outreach and workshops. It emphasises the crucial difference between mental health and mental illness, advocating for proactive mental health care for everyone.

Through its programs, The Good Human Factory equips its audience with a variety of science-backed skills aimed at enhancing life quality. These skills include mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, empathy, and personal responsibility.

Since its inception, the company’s high school workshops have garnered positive feedback, reaching over 20,000 students and 2,000 corporate participants. Additionally, The Good Human Factory boasts a distinguished group of ambassadors, consisting of some of the world’s leading young athletes, who assist in making the topic of mental health both engaging and relatable to high school students.