About Us



To inspire youth changemakers to come together globally to celebrate the love of the ocean and to be empowered to act for its protection.

Where it Began


Sam Fricker, Olympic Diver and Eco-entrepreneur founded his sustainable wheat straw business at 16 years old. His environmental leadership saw him selected for the 2021-2022 World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council. Sam joined CollaborOCEANS Founder Timothy Johnston to forge the vision of hosting a Youth Ocean Carnival at Luna Park, Sydney. Kal Glanznig, a fellow World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council 2021-2022 member, joined the duo as youth co-founder bringing his strength to the vision and team.

The shared hope is to see the Youth Ocean Carnival grow into a global network of youth focused World Ocean Day events that inspire action in cities across the world.

This first-of-it’s-kind youth event will bring together dynamic ‘thought leaders’, creatives, academics and environmental organisations at a time of unparalleled focus on the United Nations 30×30 Goal – To protect and restore 30% of land and ocean by 2030.

Our Location

Why A Youth Ocean Carnival In Sydney?

Sydney is an iconic harbour city with the opportunity to be a beacon of global inspiration in ocean conservation. World Ocean Day is our Global Goal Partner and brings with it 6,000+ networks and 2,000+ events in 140 countries with a worldwide audience of millions.

Our Global Goal Partner

Centered On World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day, celebrated 8th June unites the whole world. We see a wonderful opportunity to establish in Sydney 8-days of mini activations which will amplify the focus on youth-led conservation, culminating in the main event – Youth Ocean Carnival.

With Its focus on GEN Z, the timing of the Youth Ocean Carnival SYD24 could not be better, as I believe young people around the world are ready for indeed need – this type of celebratory gathering, that recognises the importance of the ocean in our lives and also activates people for collective action.

Bill Mott – World Ocean Day Executive Director Group Founder

Our Goals

The Power To Make Change

Youth Ocean Carnival  SYD24 is committed to Action for Nature. We strongly support the 30×30 Goal as a nature based solution to improve biodiversity protection, champion plastic pollution solutions, increase high marine protection and support climate innovation targets. 


Improve biodiversity protection for nature to protect species, waters, beaches, forest and wetlands.


Activate 1000’s of small actions’ around our ‘Action For Nature Pillars’ through events and partnerships


Valuing Peer-to-Peer education by providing access to dynamic youth speakers who share their toolkit, enabling youth to take positive action in their natural worlds.


Collaborating with Schools to continue running Youth Ocean Workshops to support stronger STEM, ocean, land and climate literacy outcomes.